Bristol crawl tonight, and we even have a plan

Following on from our awesome Bath Crawl Without Silver Flame a couple of weeks ago, this time we’ve visiting their home city of Bristol this very night. Silver Flame are in Stratford upon Avon, of course, so there’s no danger of bumping into them.

Breaking with all tradition, we actually have a plan, which can only end in disappointment. Anyway, we’ll give it a go and see how it turns out.

Here we go then, for what it’s worth:

7:30 Canteen
7:45 The Bell
8:00 No. 51 Garden
8:15 Hare on the Hill
8:30 Hillgrove Porter Stores
8:45 Kingsdown Wine Vaults
9:00 The Robin Hood
9:15 Colston Arms
9:30 The Ship
9:45 The Gryphon
10:00 The Hatchet
10:15 Small Bar
10:30 Shakespeare Tavern

There is literally no chance of our keeping to this schedule.

Rumour has it we might just pop into the Apple at the end for a quick cider or two.

If you want to meet up with us, contact us via our Facebook page.

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