Chippenham Festival done, and we’re taking a week’s holiday


We’ve just got back from our weekend playing at the great Chippenham Folk Festival, and we’ve had an amazing time.

Over the weekend, we danced somewhere around 45 times, doing rapper, longsword and, in a surprising twist, solo jigs.

We ran a couple of well-attended rapper workshops, having inducted many people into the ways of running with blades in reasonable safety. We took a new team out on their very

Caffe Nero, of all places

first crawl, incorporating all the pubs we could find in town.

We danced at ceilidhs, including the to the fantastic Lasair, and in the streets, and on stages without count.

Oh, and having run out of pubs to dance in, we turned to coffee shops. Caffe Nero were particularly pleased to have us.

So a big thanks to the festival organisers. Two festivals down, three to go!

You’re taking a week off?

Hell, yes. See you next week at The Curfew!

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