Chippenham Festival timetable released!

Northgate dance spots

Northgate’s dance spots

We’ve been asked by a surprising number of people where we’ll be appearing at Chippenham and when. Always ones to court any kind of adoration, we take great pleasure in publishing this timetable of what we’ll be up to this bank holiday weekend at the fantastic Chippenham Folk Festival.


Saturday is a rather busy day, starting with an appearance in the Arena followed by a workshop for anyone brave enough to want to learn how to run with swords in relative safety. After this we’ll be dancing around the town until the evening, when we’re setting off on a quick nine pub crawl. Should be a giggle.


Sunday is pretty light in comparison, but you can expect us to be around the pubs are per usual, bringing our own special brand of mild peril to a gasping audience.


We’re holding a workshop for more advanced dancers on the Monday morning, including any survivors from the beginners’ workshop on Saturday.

Expect much more in the way of indoor entertainment throughout the day, though possibly from a rather jaded side…

Can we see you beforehand?


But next Tuesday you can come along and meet the team at the splendid Curfew in Bath from 19:30 onwards.

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