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Dancing with Northgate Rapper and booking us

Northgate Rapper are always on the look out for new members and supporters! As well as new locations to come and dance, and show you what we’re made of!

Ioan adjusts his clothingIf you’d like to learn to dance the rapper with us please get in touch with Jack the Squire. We reckon we can teach someone to dance out in public in about 10 weeks!

The first rule of thumb is “hold this”, and the second is “don’t let go”. The rest you’ll pick up quite easily.

To book Northgate Rapper for weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, fetes, days of dance and/or folk festivals etc please get in touch with Jerome the Bagman.

We’ve danced at civil ceremonies, 2 lesbian weddings, birthdays, engagements parties, done crawls in pubs in and around Bath, stormed the Wessex Folk Festival, gatecrashed Chippenham Folk Festival, won prizes at DERT and lots lots more.

We’re exceptional value for money, talk to Jerome the Bag about our discounted rate offer, sometimes known as a BOGOF (buy one, get one free).

Or fill in this handy web contact form. Below.

We love dancing the rapper sword as it keeps us fit, it’s a little bit dangerous, people love it and you’ll have the most interesting hobby in the office. There’s plenty of male camaraderie, pride in what we do and in doing it well. Plus some beer drinking too.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in dancing the rapper or that you’re in need of some rapper sword dancers for your event. Do get in touch!

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  1. HEIDI says:

    Hi, a few months ago I asked if you were able to an informal thingy in the Royal Oak as part of a fundraiser for the Motor Neurone Disease Charity. I lost the email contact and only remembered!
    If you want to come down for a bit then please do. We will be having music at 9pm.
    If not then no worries…..

  2. edwin says:

    We did reply. Honest.

  3. Angela Haines says:

    Hi Dave,Winkleigh Morris are going to Minehead Y.H.A. Feb 15th-17th ,we would love Northgate to join us , dancing out Saturday / Steam train ride , Sunday am Winkleigh are hoping you would do a rapper workshop,as we are [trying ] rapper again ,the cost for the hostel is £25 ,but hopefully less than that ,Winkleigh would provide all of you food at the hostel ,fingers crossed you might be interested ,

    Take care

  4. Ken says:

    Would be useful to know where and when you practice,
    Keep up the good work

    • sword says:

      Hi there

      Ever so sorry about the delay in replying. Issue with approving comments on the blog.

      We practice at St Johns Church Hall in Bath in St Johns Lane, on Wednesdays at 8pm.

      Apart from next wednesday as we’re practicing for a competition.

      Are you interested in dancing?


      • Angela Haines says:

        HI , Yes we had a great time thank you,hopefully see you in Exeter ,not sure of the date ,there’s lots of morris but i think Northgate are the only rapper side ,take care,Angela Winkleigh Morris

  5. Ken says:

    Thanks for getting back, I am a long time retired member of the Redcar Sword Dancers who dance the Greatham Long Sword and play in Co Durham We tried a bit of Rapper and Morris to broaden our repertoire at bookings. I must warn you it does eventually catch up with you in the knee dept.

    Whilst I can still manage Long Sword, Rapper is probably unfortunately a spectator sport for me now,
    If I can make it I will pop along to see you all perform.



  6. Phil says:

    Fancy doing a rapper workshop in Birmingham …pre DERT sometime this decade?…September 1 in Moseley

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