History Today: Northgate’s first panto appearance

Some History

We have recently been contacted by local historian Dr Vin Rouge, who works in the Department of Historic Panto and Dance  the University of Bathford near to our lovely home city. It’s fair to say that the good doctor was in a state of some excitement.

He is currently working on a project to shed some light on the mysterious roots of Bath’s favourite sword dancers, and has recently gained possession of what he describes as “a treasure trove of swordly delight.”

Dr Rouge added, “It’s evidence like this that makes my life complete. Imagine, an old photograph of some people dancing. In a panto!”

Some people are very easily pleased.

Nevertheless, we were pleased to see this early photograph of Northgate in action at a production of the pantomime Eric the Viking, either at the London Palladium or Bathford Village Hall. Looking at the stage, it’s probably the former.

The photo was taken in the late 1990s by the look of our fashionable kit.

Now, it’s been some years since we trod the boards in panto, but we always thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re running a panto and want to add some mild peril, give us a call.

Yeah, Whatever. Are you practising this week?

Of course we are. Join us at The Curfew at 19:30 on Tuesday night.

Thanks, but where is that?

It’s behind you(*).

Actually, it’s in Bath.

(*) Obligatory panto joke. Sorry.

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