New DERT prize announcement: let the wars begin!

Let the wars begin!

Let the wars begin!

There are scant days remaining before this year’s DERT competition, and Northgate are getting a little excited.

They spent Friday night touring Bristol with the fragrant ladies Silver Flame (the fragrance in question being Eau de Gin).

They spent all day Sunday practising and eating hummus.

They’re spending every night this week polishing shoes, buffing swords, washing shirts and ironing sashes.


But more than this, they’ve been watching Robot Wars, because there’s a lot in common between a good robot and a good rapper dance.

So we announce a new prize for DERT, sponsored by Northgate (or Martin, if the team won’t cough up).

The Rapper Wars Prize will be awarded by us to the team best meeting the Rapper Wars criteria of style, control, aggression and damage, and each dancer in that team will win a lovely pint of beer.

We’ll announce the winners whenever we can be bothered, at some point on Saturday, then post the results on Facebook or whatever. It really does mean that much to us.

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