We give birth to a new figure and play Cupid

We had a bit of playtime at our practice last night, spurred on by two random strangers coming along to watch. See below for what happened to them: you couldn’t make it up!

While it’s nice to have an audience, they probably got a skewed view of what rapper is, because normally it does not include quite so much swearing, being hit with swords or having your glasses knocked off. But hey, that’s practice for you.

Anyway, the new figure tacks nicely on to the end of El Diablo and Archers, and the whole sequence is very much in the Northgate tradition of one-the-edge, fast transitions between displays, with a large side order of “bloody hell, this is unusually risky, even for us.” Still, it’s only Number 3 (Martin) who could end up with concussion, though as you can see from the picture Number 2 (Edwin) is looking rather concerned. He was probably worried he’d get blood on his delightful shirt.

Next Time…

If you’d like to see what happens next with this exciting new dance segment, join us (and possibly the two punters who wondered into the wrong room) next Tuesday at 19:30 in The Curfew, Bath.

Playing Cupid…

As for the two people who were watching, they had never met before last night. By the end of the evening, they had planned to go out on a date. Northgate Rapper: Cupid or what?

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