Wales, here we come!

The Big Pit, Blaenavon

Last year, the Blaenavon Dance on the Mountain Festival invited us to cross the icy waters of the Severn and penetrate the spectacular valleys and mountains of South Wales to join them in a joyous day of dance. And what a time we had! Dances were danced, chips were scoffed, and shoes were first broken then mended using really big nails. Oh yes, and we may have danced in some pubs and run an impromptu workshop. Well, they clearly enjoyed what we did and have invited us back, so tomorrow we head west once more! Except Edwin, who’ll head vaguely northwards.

We’ll be appearing on the main stage just after noon (there’s probably an accurate plan, but I don’t know where that is), and running a workshop there a bit later in the afternoon, and we’ll visit the local pubs to fill the time in between.

And if we have time, we’ll be popping down the Big Pit, and trying to dance our traditional miners’ dance in an actual mine, because it seems like a good idea.

So, if you’re in any part of South Wales tomorrow, from Cardiff to Tenby, from Porthcawl to Builth Wells, get yourselves down to Blaenavon for a day of swordsmanship like you’ve (possibly) never seen before.

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