Northgate Rapper do well at DERT 2019, and announce the date of Bath Time

After literally hours of practice, the plucky Northgate Rapper throng teamed up with new kids on the block, Sulis Rapper, to take the South West Fun Bus up to the home of rapper. Newcastle. The event? DERT 2019.

The foolhardy teams allowed Martin and Edwin to drive them in relative comfort all the way past Nottingham, to the North! Three stops, 327 miles, and 6 hours later, they arrived at their budget accommodation: Stag Night Central.

by Emily Eastwood

Early on Saturday morning, Northgate donned their freshly pressed kit and highly polished shoes, to take part in the competition. And boy did they dance their socks off! With a new Tommy in tow, the boys done good to the tunes of Rhianne and Peter. Highlights were second place in The Spotlight competition (just 0.6 marks behind the Newcastle Kingsmen no less) and 6th place out of 22 for the virgin Tommy! They even returned with a certificate, the keeping of which will no doubt result in many arguments.

All in all, DERT 2019 was a great success for Northgate, and Lincoln in 2020 is keenly awaited with some sense of anticipation.

Bath Time 2019

Northgate Rapper are proud to announce the date of, and a general invitation to participate in, Bath Time, that locally renowned and regionally revered sword event held annually in said Georgian city every October.

Martin’s bathroom (not really, from Frontline Bathrooms)

The date is Saturday 26th October, and will start at around 11am. The dancing takes place in some of Bath’s finest (and smallest) pubs with lots of dancing, lots of beer, and lots of gin. It will finish early evening with a certain amount of cake, provided by all teams who dare to come along.

Further details will follow in due course, but please consider this an open invitation for any rapper team to come and join us.

Register your interest by getting in touch through the website or Facebook.

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