Northgate Rapper practice (again!) and plan for #mabelday and #thralesday. Plan #northgateday ?

There seems to be a developing convention that go-ahead and dynamic teams (just like Northgate) host eponymous days of dance in their own manors. A la London’s Thrales Day and the grandmother of them all, Mabel Day in Oxford.

Well if you can’t beat them (at DERT) then you have to join them. And that’s partly what we’ll be discussing at Northgate Rapper’s practice this evening. 8 till 9:30, BA2 6PT. As well as stepping out of sync and time, letting go of our swords and forgetting that a number 2 does NOT do a backward tumble. Will Searby.

All males fleet of foot and 16+ welcome to wave swords around in a controlled and responsible manner. Apply within.


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