Northgate Rapper practice hard, welcome a new member, wish Richard a happy b’day and plan crawls. Lots of them.

Practice is on boys and, well boys.

8pm sharp at St Johns Church Hall, BA2 6PT for 89 minutes of stepping practice, invention of new moves, arguments over who messed up the new move, taking the piss out of each other for messing up the new move and intellectual debates about the Woodcraft Folk and whether it’s better at Oxford or Oxford Brookes.

Yes, it’s a Northgate Rapper practice.

Where we wish Richard a happy birthday and hope that his voice breaks soon.

And a very well done to erstwhile and previous member Vince on his successful PhD application. 4 years in the Fens.

And a welcome to potential new member Nicol, who allegedly comes from a Morris background (have to beat that out of him straightaway, with a sword, as we all know rapper is superior to Cotswold). Or so says Martin Hanley.

We do hope he turns up.

We’ve an anniversary crawl to arrange, Edwin’s valedictory Bristol crawl as he leaves us to take rapper to Cardiff (new team opportunity!) and a Welsh crawl somewhere. But definitely not in Newport.

See you somewhere?

Oh, and there’ll be another Open Day soon. Wanna learn to dance with swords?


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