Northgate Rapper’s DERT 2016 preparations continue apace. Someone’s actually bought some shoe polish.

Kiwi shoe polishThe 2016 Dancing England Rapper Tournament will take place in exactly 2 months from now. Last year we organised it in Bristol (very well actually, in our humble opinion), and this year the competition decamps back up north to Manchester, on the right side of the Pennines. Medlock Rapper are the hosts of DERT 2016 and are putting on what looks to be a terrific event.

There’ll be 30 or so rapper teams dancing competitively in pubs to try and impress the judges, to win prizes and gain significant bragging rights for the next 12 months. There’s plenty of competitive banter, and a little bit of beer drinking too.

Every point counts for Northgate Rapper at DERT 2016. A smart, neat appearance should assist in that aim. This means a pristine white and freshly ironed shirt (Jonathan), socks that actually stay up for the whole dance (Ioan and Richard) and brand new sashes, now with just a single dangler. Freshly bulled shoes are a must, hence Jerome’s purchase of some trusty Kiwi Black.

Obviously an energetic and well balanced dance, chock full with feats of innovation and the appropriate nods to tradition, should get us some good marks. The ability to step in time with the music and each other also always helps. Swords held high, no ducking, and everyone either smiling like Sheffield Steel or as steely-faced as Thrales, these are some of the things that count.

To perform well at DERT 2016, and in our our aim of remaining a credible sword dance team, we’ll be busy practising every Tuesday at the Curfew in Bath from 7:30pm until 9:30pm.


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