Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Bath’s Northgate Rapper decamp to Sidmouth Folk Festival. 

Knotted hankies. Check. 

Factor 95 for Jonathon’s delicate skin. Check. 

Suitable canvas bijou residences. Check. 

Swords. Check. 

Aye, the regionally famous and locally renowned Northgate Rapper and their polished blades of death are officially appearing at Sidmouth Folk Festival. It’s the grandfather of folk festivals, now in it’s 60th year in various guises. And we’re dancing!

Northgate aren’t the only sword team, oh no. Also on the rosta are the award winning women of Star and Shadow from Newcastle and the stripey socked simians from Nottinghamshire; Stone Monkey. We also hear that Silver Flame are coming along with Edinburgh’s finest; Mons Meg. 

Along with everything else folkie, morrisy and musicy, it looks to be a terrific week. 

Martin’s even bought a Kiss Me Quick hat, this is a warning to those of an unattached nature to run like the wind. And get the flock out of there. 

We’ll try and keep you posted with amusing anecdotes and smashing snapshots. 

Southward bound!



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