Oxford Sunday, practice Tuesday: mind the lights!

curfew-lightsWe’re going on our yearly trip to Oxford to join the redoubtable Mabel Gubbins on their annual day of dance, and we could scarcely be more excited. It all kicks off in the Royal Blenheim at noon, and after several hours of pub-related shenanigans we’ll all meet up again for a rappertastic display of epic proportions in the King’s Arms at 4pm. Wow.

In other news, after last week’s triumphant return to practising in the glorious Curfew, we will be back again this Tuesday.

The upstairs floor is even better than we remembered following the recent refurbishment, although we were worried as we left a few scuff marks on its otherwise pristine surface. But no worries, the delightful new owners forgave us.

However, there was one moment of concern for us when we saw the lovely lights hanging above the dance space. Now, we do have something of a reputation in this area so a load of lightshades made from crystal decanters was a bit of a worry.

Never fear. We broke nothing. But that might not be the case this Sunday as some of those Oxford pubs have very low lights indeed…

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