Poor Timing Means We’ll Miss Eurovision

About a year ago, we were approached by someone who’d just watched us dancing at a ceilidh spot, and asked if we’d dance at her wedding. We said yes on the spot, of course.

However, we neglected to check the date, and have only just realised that it clashes with the Eurovision Song Contest! Now, we normally keep this weekend free so we can watch this display of wonderful European music, and despite asking nicely, the happy couple wouldn’t reschedule the wedding. I know, we couldn’t understand their glib attitude either. Perhaps they’re recording it to watch later.

Anyway, the upshot is we’ll be dancing at a wedding tonight, which is exciting. If you want to come and see us, you have about six hours to befriend the bride and groom and get an invitation.

If you can’t do that, then remember that next weekend we’ll be appearing at the brilliant Chippenham Folk Festival. More details of this soon.

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