Fully recovered, practice is back, then Wimborne Minster Folk Festival!

Northgate will be big in Wimborne Minster

Following the punishing (and mostly self-inflicted) dance schedule we had at the amazing Chippenham Folk Festival, the lads of Northgate decided to take  last week off. Sadly, this meant we missed both a beer practice at The Curfew and a chance to meet up with our chums from Oxfordshire, Mabel Gubbins Rapper, at the Wessex Folk Festival in Weymouth yesterday. Boo. Even worse, we also missed the wonderful music of the great Foxglove Trio. Boo again.

However, there is a happy ending to all this, and we all like a happy ending.

This period of rest means we’re all nicely recovered for next weekend’s spectacular Wimborne Minster Folk Festival! Running over the weekend in the beautiful Wimborne Minster, this promises to be a great addition to our festival visits this year. We’ve even got an invitation to dance at a brewery (Eight Arch Brewing) to get things off to a good start, and possibly ruin us for the rest of the weekend.

Wish us luck, and come and join us in Wimborne Minster, in Dorset. In fact, we’d recommend it to anyone(*).

But wait… you mentioned practice!

Indeed we did. If you can’t wait until next Friday, get along to The Curfew in Bath on Tuesday night at 19:30. We’ll even let you touch our swords.

(*) This comment taken from our new book, Weak Puns from Northgate.

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