Practises galore and a safety moment with lights

We’ve been extra busy since the new year, keen as we are to burn off the extra calories taken in over the festive season. Back again in The Curfew, we’ve been playing with blades like nobody’s business, and we’ll be back there on Tuesday for more.

Indeed, we’re so keen that we’ve spent the whole day today working on new figures, eating food, polishing old figures, eating food, and practising new tunes. But mostly the eating thing. There was a distinct lack of get up and go after lunch, that’s for sure.

Anyway, it was a great and useful day, and we’ll build on the work we’ve done on Tuesday.

But you mentioned a light? Did you break another light?

No. Don’t be silly.

However, the owners of the Curfew have become aware of our ill-deserved reputation concerning light fittings, and we noticed last week that they’ve raised their lovely lights well out of what we like to call rapper range.

We find their lack of faith disturbing.

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