Priddy Festival done, and Gus pops his cherry

Jumping Jonathan

Well, that’s the end of Priddy Folk Festival for another year, and what a delightful time we had in the beautiful Somerset village. And Gus had something even more exciting in store for him!

The weather was great, the music was superb (special call out to Flook and Lasair), and the dancing was most entertaining.

Well, ours was, naturally, but our good friends Silver Flame Rapper  from Bristol were as amazing as ever, especially their superb (and slightly faster than normal) ceilidh spot on Saturday evening. Pigsty Morris also put on a fine show, and NYFTE covered off more dance styles than anyone could ever have though possible. Fantastic!

Gus’ First Time

Now, whenever we’re at a festival, we make a special point of dancing in all the pubs in town and Priddy festival was no exception. Indeed, we had such a good time we went back to it again and again.

Our first dance there saw new member Gus perform his first public dance and, as it was deemed of a high enough standard, he was ritually debagged by an attractive member of the audience as is our tradition. His mum shed a tear when she saw him dance a bit later, dressed to kill in his grown up short trousers.What a proud moment it was for her. Every mother’s dream.

Special Thanks

We’d like to pass on our special thanks to Priddy Good Farm Shop for their most excellent breakfasts, the huge number of breweries and cider presses who provided the liquid refreshments, and of course the Queen Victoria Inn for their addictive cheesy chips.

Quo Vadis?

Well, we’re going to The Curfew in Bath on Tuesday night at 19:30 for practice, and you should jolly well come along and join us.

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