Three down, two to go: Priddy Folk Festival approaches!

In just over a week, Northgate will be heading down to the delightful Somerset village of Priddy for our fourth festival of the summer.

Accommodation is a little basic

With Bradford, Chippenham and Wimborne Minster festivals behind us, we’re very much looking  forward to this one as we haven’t been to it for about twenty years! We’re also keen to get stuck into the pub crawl (of the delightful Queen Vic Inn), though we suspect we may need to cast the net slightly wider and bring a few more pubs into the mix.


Also appearing will be our Bristol cousins Silver Flame Rapper, who will be bringing their own magnificent dances with them, and the amazing Lasair, a ceilidh band who really will get everyone dancing!

Are you going to make any jokes about it being Priddy good?


Can I see a preview of this excitement?

Good grief, of course you can! Get along to The Curfew in Bath any Tuesday night from 19:30 onwards. We’ll be the noisy ones upstairs: come and say hello! And why not give it a go while you’re there? You know it makes sense.

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