Project Secret Surprise is go! Chippenham countdown continues!

A Clue?

In honour of our upcoming booking at Chippenham folk festival, the lads of Northgate have decided to branch out from their habitual, spring steel-related sword shenanigans and are adding a surprise new dance form to their repertoire.

But which new dance? Street? Costwold Morris? Ballet? All were considered, all were rejected.

Perhaps the photograph here will give you a clue. It’s a picture of a sword which is not very short. As a further hint, the dance we’re learning comes from the north of Scotland and does not include tumbles, neither forward nor backward. Spins are right out too, as is any type of fancy footwork.

What could it be? Only time will tell.

Fancy a sneak preview?

If you can’t wait the few short weeks until Chippenham festival, get along to The Curfew tonight at 19:30 and you can have a quick view of the future.

And if you fancy joining in, we’ll be more than happy to run you through(*).

See you there.

(*) this is what passes for humour in the sword dancing world.

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