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Sidmouth 2We like to share the rapper joy in Northgate, so here are some links to other rapper sites and other rapper teams. Though why you would want to watch any other rapper team apart from Northgate perform is beyond us.

(oh, you don’t live in Bristol or Bath then? oh, ok)

DERT 2019 – in Newcastle

Rapper  Online – a cornucopia of rapper facts and opinions

Rapper on wikipedia

The Sword Dance Union – encouraging and maintaining traditional sword dancing

Frank Lee – rapper sword manufacturer

Jimmie Killner – rapper sword manufacturer


Some local and not so local teams we know

Silver Flame – female side – South West and Wales

Sulis Rapper – female side – Bath

Locksided – mixed side – Bristol

Whip the Cat – female side – East Midlands

Stone Monkey – male side – East Midlands

Thrales – male side – London

Newcastle Kingsmen – male side – North East

Tower Ravens – female side – London

There are lots and lots of other rapper sword dancing teams and there’s likely to be one in your area. Why not try googling “rapper sword” and your town/city/county and see what’s available. If you’re not having any joy, get in touch!

Want to start up your own rapper side? Go on. Contact us for some advice.


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