Serious lack of communications effort by Edwin and Martin. Even by their standards. Plus practice.

Northgate's new winter kit

Northgate’s new winter kit

Gosh. 17th February 2018 was the last missive through this old website thingy. There have been various updates via Facebook though, so we have at least made the minimum of effort in keeping you updated and informed as to our movements. Not those ones though.

Assuming of course that you’d like to occasionally hear from us?

Hello? As Pink Floyd once sang “Is there anybody out there?”

We’re between pubs at the moment, we did love practicing at The Curfew, and Dan and Emily were awesome mine hosts and very generous with their upstairs room. But when it came to the toss up between keeping your favourite rapper team in practice accommodation or maintaining the presence of antique and ornate plasterwork on the ceiling below us, it was a very quick decision.

So, it tends to be Bath one week, and Bristol the next. Seeing as only one Northgate member actually lives in Bath, and several live in Bristol, it has been democratically decided that we’ll split the cities, and keep everyone happy.

To that end then, practice next week (18th September) will be held at The Ram in Widcombe. 7:30pm sharp for 2 hours of practice. With proper swords and everything.

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