Surprise name for new research vessel: Boaty McNorthgate

In a ridiculously contrived attempt to garner further attention, the brave sword-wielders of Northgate have led an internet coup and are close to have a new polar research vessel named after them.

Boaty McNorthgate

Boaty McNorthgate? Maybe.

It appears that the naive fools people who are naming the new vessel expected to get a reasoned and sensible response from the British public, clearly never having met any of them before. Northgate have grasped this opportunity firmly and twisted it to their self-promoting advantage by voting the name Boaty McNorthgate to the very top of the list.

The Head of Naming Boats and Things at NERC said in a statement, “I’m saddened at this childish behaviour, although secretly think it’s quite cool. However, we’d rather hoped to name the new boat after some explorer or other, like David Attenborough or that fox from the Glacier Mints adverts.”

The vote runs until April, but if you want to see the naughty boys and their blades, join them at The Curfew in Bath every Tuesday night from 19:30.

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