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Mabel Day today: Oxford, lock up your lighbulbs

This is just a very quick update because we’re getting ready for our yearly trip to Oxford for the amazing Mabel Day. This year will be different though: we have been practising hard. Not the dances, oh no, but by … Continue reading

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Mabel Day: no lights broken (in any room we danced in)

We had a lovely visit to Oxford for this year’s Mabel Day, and spent most of our time dancing in various pubs with the splendid Birmingham Rapper. True to form, and contrary to any silly reputation we might have, we … Continue reading

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Oxford Sunday, practice Tuesday: mind the lights!

We’re going on our yearly trip to Oxford to join the redoubtable Mabel Gubbins on their annual day of dance, and we could scarcely be more excited. It all kicks off in the Royal Blenheim at noon, and after several hours of pub-related … Continue reading

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Bath’s Northgate Rapper head back to university to dance at Mabel Day in Oxford. 

Even if Northgate’s alma mater is the highest university above sea level, it doesn’t stop them getting some extra-curricular dancing amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford University. Technically this isn’t true, as they’ll actually be in the pubs of Oxford … Continue reading

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A little tour of Oxford

The chaps took a weekend tour in Oxford at the beginning of December and had a marvellous time. Many thanks to the splendid Mabel Gubbins for looking after us and to the pubs of Jericho and the town centre for … Continue reading

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Tonight’s practice is on. Much to discuss including Mabel Day and practice venue change

After a victorious anniversary crawl on Saturday, Northgate Rapper are practice bound. The line up for Mabel Day in Oxford needs sorting and consideration of The Curfew’s kind offer of a gratis practice venue needs to take place. Come join … Continue reading

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Northgate Rapper practice (again!) and plan for #mabelday and #thralesday. Plan #northgateday ?

There seems to be a developing convention that go-ahead and dynamic teams (just like Northgate) host eponymous days of dance in their own manors. A la London’s Thrales Day and the grandmother of them all, Mabel Day in Oxford. Well … Continue reading

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