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Practice makes perfekt (and avoids blood loss)

We’ve had our share of blood-letting over the years, especially when Martin gets carried away with his more enthusiastic new figures, but we decided some time ago that there’s only so much blood we can lose. And so we practice. This … Continue reading

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Northgate return from early summer holidays

Yes indeed, Northgate are back! We’ve been on a well-earned but unplanned break due to early summer holidays and people swanning off to foreign climes. Like London. And so we rise once more and, rubbing the sleep from our eyes and scrubbing the … Continue reading

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Northgate replace dancer due to slight run-in with the law

Following the surprise arrest of their squire on charges of Chip Pilfering (an obscure crime dating back to the nineteenth century), Northgate decided to forget about him and move on temporarily replace him with another dancer. Having trained up said dancer, … Continue reading

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One new team and only one broken dancer: training day considered a success!

Yesterday, Northgate travelled across the perilous straits of the River Severn from England to Wales to give the lads and lasses of Taff Rapper an introduction to the gentle art of rapper dancing. They seemed very pleased to get their hands … Continue reading

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A foreign cultural exchange: Northgate go teaching in Wales

It’s only one more sleep until we travel across the water to Wales where we shall spend the day teaching our Celtic cousins the way of the sword. We expect much in the way of enthusiasm, dedication and laverbread and … Continue reading

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Practicing in Ernest

Due to the nature of the last post, we’ve decided we need a spot of polishing. So we’re at our usual practice spot at the Royal Oak on Lower Bristol Road on Wednesday from 7:30pm. For 90 minutes of sweat, blood … Continue reading

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