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Three down, two to go: Priddy Folk Festival approaches!

In just over a week, Northgate will be heading down to the delightful Somerset village of Priddy for our fourth festival of the summer. With Bradford, Chippenham and Wimborne Minster festivals behind us, we’re very much looking  forward to this … Continue reading

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Anniversary countdown: it’s tomorrow!

It’s tomorrow. TOMORROW! All the waiting will soon and the big day will finally be here! Ahem. Well, we’re glad to have got that out of our system. Suffice it to say that we’re quite looking forward to the arrival of … Continue reading

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A video from Ioan’s wedding

Wedding videos are normally a little … dull. You know the sort of thing: a bride, a groom, tears and embarrassing family. That’s not really our style. Therefore we offer this: Sorry about what we’re wearing. We’ll get back to our normal kit … Continue reading

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Booking on Saturday: Ioan and Maddy’s wedding!

A while ago, we were discussing our upcoming bookings for the year and noticed that this weekend was free. Now, given that we want to dance as much as possible, we thought that something had to be done, so Ioan got together with … Continue reading

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Northgate to show Silver Flame a good time – Bristol Crawl on Friday

Following on from the news that Northgate have been asked to spend the day with Silver Flame in Manchester at DERT in a couple of weeks, we decided to give them a trial run first. So we’re taking them out for the evening … Continue reading

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DERT schedule announced: scrumpy-guzzling Wurzel lovers unite as Northgate spend the day with Silver Flame!

The running order for the upcoming DERT competition has finally been announced, and Northgate have struck it lucky: we’ll be dancing round the pubs of Manchester with our Bristol-based friends, Silver Flame! What a treat for all of us. Clearly the canny northerners … Continue reading

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Introducing Ioan McAvoy, Northgate Rapper’s new squire. Cracking the whip at Tuesday’s practice. 

At our most recent AGM, a certain Mr Ioan McAvoy burst into tears at the thought of losing the election for Squire. The rest of Northgate watched glassily, gauged his stroppy fit on the Kennedy Scale, and decided to see … Continue reading

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With blistered feet and aching calves, Bath’s Northgate Rapper did themselves proud at Sidmouth Folk Week.

Oh yes we did, and more! Resplendent in olive drab and Tuscan sun yellow, us boys of Northgate Rapper stepped as one (most of the time), tumbled with aplomb and entertained the Sidmouth crowds with our derring-do and fearless sword … Continue reading

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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Bath’s Northgate Rapper decamp to Sidmouth Folk Festival. 

Knotted hankies. Check.  Factor 95 for Jonathon’s delicate skin. Check.  Suitable canvas bijou residences. Check.  Swords. Check.  Aye, the regionally famous and locally renowned Northgate Rapper and their polished blades of death are officially appearing at Sidmouth Folk Festival. It’s … Continue reading

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Bristol Folk Festival: socks, sitting and Silver Flame

And so we had a splendid day with our chums Silver Flame dancing at the Bristol Folk Festival. We danced in pubs, at the Folk House and on College Green. Oh, and at a wake, which was rather moving. And many interesting things … Continue reading

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