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With blistered feet and aching calves, Bath’s Northgate Rapper did themselves proud at Sidmouth Folk Week.

Oh yes we did, and more! Resplendent in olive drab and Tuscan sun yellow, us boys of Northgate Rapper stepped as one (most of the time), tumbled with aplomb and entertained the Sidmouth crowds with our derring-do and fearless sword … Continue reading

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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Bath’s Northgate Rapper decamp to Sidmouth Folk Festival. 

Knotted hankies. Check.  Factor 95 for Jonathon’s delicate skin. Check.  Suitable canvas bijou residences. Check.  Swords. Check.  Aye, the regionally famous and locally renowned Northgate Rapper and their polished blades of death are officially appearing at Sidmouth Folk Festival. It’s … Continue reading

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