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Kit now decided for Wessex Folk Festival

Well, we were all ready for the Wessex Folk Festival this weekend when one of us questioned what we planned to wear. Should we bring out our much-vaunted summer kit? Clearly not. That way lies madness. Nevertheless, much discussion ensued. Those of us who are a … Continue reading

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History Today: what are rappers?

Those who know us well will also know that we have a habit of bursting into pubs and whipping our swords out(*). In general, this provokes at least one punter to ask what the hell they are. This is a vexed question and … Continue reading

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Preparations for Wessex Folk Festival continue apace!

We’re all getting a little excited. In a mere fortnight’s time, the lads of Northgate are off to on a trip to the lovely seaside town of Weymouth for their annual appearance at the Wessex Folk Festival, and we can hardly wait. It’s … Continue reading

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Bath’s Northgate Rapper attempt to plan an AGM, write a new dance, and drink real ale. 

Good job we’ve all been so well trained by our other halves in the mysterious art of multitasking. Otherwise it would be a proper poor show and no mistake. After various internal debacles, one of Northgate suggested we reinstate the … Continue reading

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