Tax details revealed, immoral profits used wisely

Tax? We love it!

Tax? We love it!

Following the recent revelations from Mossack Fonseca, we in Northgate have been pushed by various media to comment on the details of our own off-shore tax arrangements.

In the interests of transparency, we’d like to take this opportunity to clear things up, set the record straight and give a clear, moral lead to other teams in the UK.

This is a private matter. [Edited]

We will not in future benefit from any off-shore tax arrangements. [Edited]

We had a little bit squirrelled away but cashed it in before DERT. [Edited]

We have decided to publish our tax records, which we were always going to do, obvs. We’d like to make it entirely clear that, though we did have money off-shore for tax purposes, we didn’t enjoy it.

To close this matter once and for all, any and all profits we made under tax previous arrangements will be put towards the ruinously expensive price of a pint at practice on Tuesday night in The Curfew in Bath.

If you are a UK taxpayer come along and claim your sip. It’s your right. Oh, and you can play with swords, too, which is a much better proposition.

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