Slowed down training video – including the “Mind the Lights” figure

At practice last Tuesday, we not only had two new dancers in the side (one of whom even lived near Bath), but we had our very own film-maker, David Spielbridge, video our 3DD dance and slow it down for training purposes.

You can see below the intricacies of the dance, with each movement slowed down from its normal lightspeed blur to something that even beginners can learn from.

If you look closely, you can even see some of the secrets of our classic “Mind the Lights” figure, designed to animate the light fittings in a pub and give extra movement to the dance as the shadows play delicately across our honed torsos.

In the background you will notice two surprised but highly entertained Americans who’d come in for a quiet pint before going to a restaurant, but stayed to watch us practise and gorge themselves on Dan’s Fine Nuts.

But you’re in the main bar?!?

Yes we are. The local Green Party decided to use half of our practice room to discuss whether to come third or fourth in Bath in the upcoming election, despite the warnings from the delightful landlady, Emily, that it might get “a bit noisy” when we started. We decamped to the main bar to get away from their bickering which was drowning out the music.

Are you practising next week?

But of course. 19:30 in The Curfew, as normal. See you there.

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