This weekend: Bristol crawl and Priston Festival!

It’s a busy weekend coming up for Northgate. On Sunday, we’re appearing at the wonderful Priston Folk Festival, and we’re excited about that. And as a warm-up we’re off on a crawl around Bristol on Saturday night, and we’re excited about that too!

In fact, when we consider both these things, the word “excited” is no longer adequate, and we will have to resort to “super-excited” or “trembling with anticipation” to describe how we feel.

We know what you’re thinking: a major crawl running into the early hours immediately before a festival sounds like a recipe for disaster. But the lads of Northgate are made of strong stuff, and will not let this faze them, nor affect their performance on the Sunday.

When will you be dancing?

The Bristol crawl will start at 7pm in a pub yet to be announced, and will continue until we run out of time.

We’ll be dancing at Priston from 10:45 onwards.

Will you be practising next week?

Oh yes. The Curfew in Bath, 19:30 on Tuesday night. You know, like we always do.

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