With blistered feet and aching calves, Bath’s Northgate Rapper did themselves proud at Sidmouth Folk Week.

Oh yes we did, and more!

Sidmouth 5Resplendent in olive drab and Tuscan sun yellow, us boys of Northgate Rapper stepped as one (most of the time), tumbled with aplomb and entertained the Sidmouth crowds with our derring-do and fearless sword handling.

Many beers drunk, and ice-creams scoffed.

Sidmouth 11We had a busy schedule, which we immediately added to with extra spots and pub crawls. The latter’s highlight was surely Silver Flame’s Thursday night crawl totaling four teams; Stone Monkey, Star and Shadow, and our good selves. Plus we noticed the odd Dorset Button, a Taff or two, several Mons Meg and some Steel from Sheffield. 

Sidmouth 10We danced in every pub in Sidmouth many times, and interrupted many sessions to entertain with sword-based activities. Particular highlights must include our Blowzabella ceilidh interval spot on Monday and Jonathon’s awesome Morris jig. The drunken 2am LNE dance comes a close second, and the sight of Ioan chasing the spin around to get into position made the dance.  

One of our signature figures goes straight from a lock into a spin without any stepping. Martin overheard a conversation after the drunken dance that went thus;

Chloe (Star and Shadow): “How on earth can you do that?”

Nicol (Northgate): “Practice”

Needless to say, our early hours dancing made Star and Shadow incredibly jealous. So of course they copied us, and drunkenly danced themselves. Whatever boys can do, girls can do equally well!

CL02iyjWoAEBLQ0A special mention must go to Jonathon and his ginger sunbathing techniques that avoid sunburn. Basically a total cover up.

Workshops were attended and figures pinched adapted. A Northgate daughter tumbled successfully at the age of 11, thanks Monkeys! The WHO recommends 10,000 steps per day to improve fitness and burn calories, over 6 days Northgate averaged 18,137 steps per day (including dancing).

Our waists are somewhat smaller and our buns of steel more taut.

All in all it was a terrific week away at an awesome Folk Festival, many thanks for inviting us Sidmouth! Obviously we’re very open to coming again, should you so wish. Ahem.

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